Information Design

We're big on creating interesting layouts that lead people through the information story. Good visuals tie concepts together and ensure they stick in our minds. We create clear, original designs for all types of learning. This covers infographics, data visualisation and websites.

Investa Sustainability

With Investa we designed a playful sustainability toolkit for their tenants. The toolkit aims to improve personal wellbeing while minimising impact on the environment.

Investa Portal
The business is so thrilled with the toolkit- and with the direction we took to talk directly to tenants. You have created something that will change the way tenants think about their workplace- and that can’t be over sold! Thank you so much for your beautiful contribution! Nina James, General Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Investa.

We also designed the 2018 Sustainability Report for Investa. It is a visually rich report which presents the data in clear and creative ways.

Investa Sustainability Report
I think this is our best ever report! It’s sharp, engaging and punchy- appropriately corporate but not boring.Nina James, General Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Investa.

The project team

Zawadi Sliepen

UX, design of the portal, design of the sustainability report, all illustrations and data visualisations.

Curated Content

Project management, development.

Vaccination information

HETI (Health Education Training Institute) wanted healthcare workers to learn about whooping cough in a fun and memorable way. We created a scrolling resource, where illustration and animation link the key information. Design and HTML done by Zawadi.

AVPV vaccination AVPV vaccination

Iron research piece

This was a personal project, a visual story to explain how iron affects us.

How iron gets absorbed supplement comparison

Good On You Infographic

An infographic for the marketing and crowd-funding campaign for Good On You.