Animated video is a great medium for important or complex information. They work best with a conversational script, relevant graphics and animation that flows.

Ombudsman NSW

It was a pleasure working with Ombudsman NSW to create two short animated videos. The videos explain the Joint Protocol and how it can help people with mental health impairments. Karen Cambrell wrote the scripts. Illustration and animation done by Zawadi.

HETI HETI communicates exactly the more compassionate and understanding way that incidents involving people with complex needs might be dealt with by service providers - which is of course exactly what the joint protocol sets out to achieve. Well done on a great product.Carol Berry, Ombudsman NSW

HETI Refugee animation

An animated video made as part of the course 'Meeting the health-care needs of refugees'. HETI (Health Education Training Institute) provided the script. Zawadi did the Illustration and animation.

Love it! Love it! Love it! The animation is just right and visualises the story so well.Kate Simpson, HETI

Janssen animations

We made one series of videos for Jannsen to explain the skin condition psoriasis to patients. Another video explained SMART, a new business tool for developing products. Project management and script writing done by Embassy Creative. Design and animation done by Zawadi.

Stelara Stelara

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