A digital design company specialising in interactive learning content.

we to

Transform complex information into clear visual stories.

Create fun and engaging interactive pieces.

Work on projects that have a meaningful message.

Enable learning through discovery.

what we do


Tinc Design is driven by Zawadi Sliepen, a long time digital designer. She is passionate about creating beautiful designs that have meaning and purpose.

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Coming up with elegant designs that meet all the requirements are puzzles I love to solve. I strive for simple design solutions that are a joy to interact with. My primary skills are layout design, UX, illustration and animation. I do a level of html, css and javascript development but generally I focus on the design.

I partner with great people on a project by project basis. Here are some of my favourites:

Solange Kershaw

A talented front-end developer that works with all sorts of interactive platforms. If that wasn't enough, she also develops technical art installations and writes fiction.

Karen Cambrell

Karen does with words what I aim for with pictures, which is why we make a great team. Her writing is thoughtful and communicates in a clear and powerful way.

The ID Crowd

It’s always a pleasure to team up Nicole White and her team of instructional designers to create high quality learning experiences.


Peter Moricz from Spacegoat is a rare find. An accomplished front-end developer that understands design. All topped off with great communication and attention to detail.

Curated Content

Cath Pope and her team bring a lot of heart and humour into projects. Their speciality is writing and producing engaging content.


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